Marvelous March in review

Well, March was pretty tied up with two things: wedding cancellation and moving. I know, I know. I feel like a broken record as much as I’m sure I sound like one. You’re thinking, “We get it, Carly, you moved.” But, in just 2.5 short years, I had totally forgotten how all consuming moving can be. Sure, at the start, it’s fun and it’s exciting, but it gets nitpicky and tedious after a while. A short while. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it. I’d just forgotten how much work goes into it.

Things we did this month:

  • sorted through all of our belongings – every last thing
  • packed all of said belongings into boxes
  • transported full boxes between old place and new place
  • found places for full boxes to remain situated

I’ve barely unpacked, but that’s a spoiler for April.

Kishimoto is worth the trip (and the line-up)

Things we were supposed to do…

  • Start tomato seeds – YES! And it isn’t too late for you to do the same. It’s optimal to get them planted by April 15th. Click that link for my tutorial on growing my favourite West Coast Seeds tomato variety.
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s Day – Nah. This ended up being the first night we stayed in the new place so after long days at work, moving the cats and setting up an air mattress in the living room, celebration was limited to take out from Browns (which they got all wrong anyway – grrrrr)
  • Visit the library – Nope.
  • Run 25km – Hahahahahaha.
  • Clear out my remote garden – I believe that this got done, but it wasn’t by me.
  • Order wedding invitations – What’s the opposite of this? I think we did it.
  • Secure wedding photographer – I did! And then I undid.
  • Read two books – Yup.
  • Plan first dinner party in the new place – Not yet…
  • Write! Write! Write! – Yes and no. Yes, I wrote, but not as much as I’d have liked.

It was a tough month for goals because we were working long days and then spending our evenings running back and forth between places. When mornings rolled around, we were too tired to get out and get moving before heading to the office and we were so short on time, we survived on take out mostly. Ugh. March was a bully of a month, but here were some highlights.

What made your March marvelous?

Things we’ll do this month: March


The third month of the year.


Also, the first day of Lent and I may not be religious, but I’m big on practicing deprivation. Does that sound weird? No matter, it’s true. I like to give something up for periods of time and see what happens. When I was a kid, we always had Pancake Tuesday. Now that I’m an adult, I do Lent. (I’m not that into pancakes.)

It’s March!

This is the month when we will move into our new place!

This is the month when we will send out wedding invitations!

This is the month when we will have fewer plans than normal!

This moving thing is taking a lot of our energy and attention and that’s mostly in good ways. We knew we were moving more than two months before we did so it’s been a little agonizing being excited to get to the new place, but having to wait so long to make it happen.

I have vacation this month. Twice, in fact. One week next week, two (very busy) weeks back in the office, and then another week again.

In the midst of all the packing and the cleaning and the decluttering and the unpacking, we’re also going to try to have some fun…

  • Start tomato seeds
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s Day
  • Visit the library
  • Run 25km
  • Clear out my remote garden
  • Order wedding invitations
  • Secure wedding photographer
  • Read two books
  • Plan first dinner party in the new place
  • Write! Write! Write!

What do you have planned for March? What are you looking forward to?