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My love for hotels is endless

by Carly-Ann

Kevin sometimes complains because everywhere we go, I want to stay in a hotel. As soon as we get outside do the Lower Mainland, I’m game to set up camp for the night. There have even been times when I’ve suggested staying in hotels IN Vancouver.

Nita Lake Lodge, Whistler
To me, hotels are wonderlands. Some of my amazement stems from childhood when we almost never traveled or stayed in hotels (opting instead for cabins and cottages.) My folks would return from their annual weekend at Hotel Vancouver and dole out all the miniature sized goodies that they pilfered from the room. My brother and I would take turns choosing what we wanted and never without great consideration. Sewing kit for me, shoe shine towel for him…

My romanticized idea about hotels had me staying in them as soon as I met the criteria for check in. I’ve sampled the gamut since, luxuriating from posh palaces to road-tripping in tournament motels. I’ve noticed that no matter how fancy, it always feels like a treat.

Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
Back in November, I spent a week in a pretty swanky resort room in Las Vegas for work. I arrived with one suitcase and an overstuffed laptop bag and left with pretty much the same. Throughout the conference, I stocked my room with some fresh fruit and bought very little else. Our days were busy and left very little room for amusement, but in the few minutes I had, I sat perched on the bed, either knitting or working online.

The Arctic Club Club, Seattle
The one thing that became so clear during that week was that in that room, from that single suitcase, I had everything that I needed. It wasn’t even just for a day or two, but it was for a whole week! I couldn’t help but wonder, if I could live out of a suitcase for one week, could I do it for two? A month? Six months? The sensible side of me knows that’s pushing it, but for the first time in my life, it exemplified the idea that we really don’t need all that stuff that we feel the need to pad our homes with.

I packed those thoughts away at pretty much the same time as when I zipped up that suitcase to come home. Last night, when we checked into this run of the mill Holiday Inn in Washington State, all that freedom from stuff came flooding back. (I’m noticing a theme this year. It involves stuff.) We’re spending the weekend here and even with my weekender suitcase and shoulder bag, I’ve got way more than I’ll ever need. Now, why can’t I translate that to home life? Well, I’m trying!

Holiday Inn, Everett

So, yes, hotel stays are awesome and I’m set to enjoy mine, crappy single serving coffee, bland artwork, unsteady wifi and all. I don’t even mind that there’s a J-Lo movie on right now. That’s saying something!

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