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May in review

by Carly-Ann

I mentioned in yesterday’s Jovial June post that May was a pretty great month for us. I/we started out with twelve goals and we were pretty successful when it comes to many of them.

Looking back on May 2017 and all the things we did (and didn't) do.

Our main focus was working on some habits that needed a little attention and a bit of a boost. Those included getting more active and focusing on some of our goals for later this year. We also took into account that we now live a literal elevator ride away from the Skytrain and combined that with our body moving goals. I was feeling in the midst of a little spiritual awakening so I had a few goals to explore that part of my existence.

Here’s our report card.

  • Minimal use of the car – We did it! Kevin ended up using the car once or maybe twice to get to and from lacrosse (as planned.) Otherwise, we took transit or walked everywhere. A great byproduct of this resolution was the opportunity to explore where and how we could take the train or the best route to take on foot.
  • 10k steps per day – Check! 402180 steps in total.
  • Run 25km – 31.1 done!
  • Finish five books – The intention of this goal was to get me in the habit of finishing off the books I’d already started instead of continually starting more than I ever finished. In fact, I just started as many as I normally would and finished…well, fewer. Three in total.
  • Create an altar – Okay, I started working on this and I did…but I’m not quite ready to share it…yet. Stay tuned.
  • Develop morning ritual – You ready the above? Yeah, that.
  • Study tarot – Yes! (And I’m really, really enjoying it!)
  • Focus on weekly food prep – Yes and no. I did start preparing a few staples early, but I didn’t devote a lot of time to it. We were able to pack lunches to work every day of the month, but the biggest change was that we ate at home almost all the time. (For us, that’s a dramatic, but great change.)
  • Ride our bikes! This one got by us. 🙁
  • Start up our Walking Vancouver explorations again for the summer – Sort of. We took a couple of spins through Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.
  • Start planning a summer road trip – Seattle. In three weeks. Yaaaaay!
  • Unpack our final few boxes – Hell to the YES!!

It was, all in all, one of our more successful months – most successful in a while, anyway.

In addition to all that, here are a few extras…

How did you spend your month? What made your May mystical and marvelous? 

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