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I didn’t get to write about him yesterday because, well, life. Instead, we were in deep recovery from a whirlwind trip and then we went to hang out with him in person. We watched the US Open (that’s a huge gift from me to him – I hate golf) while I thought it was the Masters the whole time. My favourite part was when they announced that the winner was meeting up with his girlfriend, Becky Edwards only to announce a correction a few minutes later saying that it was actually his *NEW* girlfriend, Jenna Sims. Now, that was entertaining.

But, my Dad is cool and he’s funny and he has really shitty taste in athletes, but we took him a real gift anyway and we ate barbecued hot dogs and we had a great old time.

happy belated father’s day to all the dads out there! ♥

What did you do to celebrate your dad? If you’re a dad, what did your kids do to celebrate you?

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