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Three cheers for: RunWESTIN

by Carly-Ann

Maybe you’ve heard of this, maybe you haven’t. I just caught wind of it a few weeks ago and then I learned much more while we were at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Seattle last weekend.

Did you know that when you stay at a Westin Hotel you can actually leave your running gear at home? For just $5 (US or local equivalent) you can opt into their gear lending program. One quick phone call and within fifteen minutes an associate will deliver New Balance shoes (with fresh insoles) and workout gear (in all sizes) to your room! (You keep the socks.) How great is that? I mean, I know there are plenty of people who believe that vacation is an excuse to ditch the training plan, but the last time we went away, we still set early alarms so that we could get runs (albeit shorter ones) in before we started the day. And that was in Orlando.

On top of that, if you’re more of a street runner than a gym goer, they have runs mapped out for three- and five-mile distances from each hotel and even offer the services of run concierges in 195 locations around the world. I’m a pretty solitary runner, but in a strange city I might join in for the guidance and for the company if I was there alone.

In case that doesn’t feel pampered enough for you, check out the Westin marathon VIP packages. Swanky! And definitely on my bucket list now… if you are in or visiting Vancouver, check out the Westin Bayshore’s RunWESTIN program. I might even book a short getaway just to take advantage of it!

Follow @RunWESTIN on Twitter to keep up with head running concierge with Westin Hotels, Chris Heuisler.

Check out this highlight video of last weekend’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle highlights and you’ll understand why I said that the excitement is contagious. Join us in Seattle next June – I just checked and super low prices are still on. (This will only last until June 25th or until the limited number are sold.)

Have you used a gear lending service while traveling? Would you?

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