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The summer embrace

by Carly-Ann

July 1st. Canada Day. The imprecise midway mark of the year. The time when we look forward the upcoming summer vibes and back at the goals we had at the start of the year.

How’s your 2018 going? Mine has been mostly what I thought it would be. I made some big commitments to myself and as I have moved forward with them, they have also pushed back at me. This year I felt called to be very inwardly focused. I felt a strong connection to learning more about myself, how I function, what makes me happy and accepting all of the above. I realized how much I try to fit into boxes that don’t even belong to me and how much more complicated my life has become because of that. My work over the first six months has definitely lived up to that. It doesn’t look exactly as I’d expected and it isn’t measurable or even shareable, but it has been challenging and heartening and expanding. Also, a slight bit exhausting.

On a lighter note, we’ve had a few fun weekends away so far this year. We’ve run some really great races. We saw new Super Bowl and Stanley Cup champions and that was a nice change. I’ve been reading a lot more and am exactly on schedule to meet my 52 Book Reading Challenge.

And now here we are – July 1st! We’re moving into the second half of the year.

Things I love about July:

  • The summer embrace. July is full of great excitement and enthusiasm. Now is the time when everyone wants to do their summer things and make their summer plans. It’s fun and it’s eventful. It’s full of promise.
  • Sunshine. Here where I am, today is a little cloudy and grey, but it’s a lock that by the end of the month we’ll be soaking in the warmth of the season and imprinting that great energy on our bodies. ☀
  • Harvest season begins! I already have lots tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and peppers almost ready for picking and there is really nothing like veggies straight out of the garden and into the kitchen.

I’m jumping into my first tarot challenge this month and my first draw, for “what am I leaping into this month?” was The Moon! ???? It’s no secret that I’m very Moon-centric and fully embrace my Full Moon baby/ Moon in Cancer status. Drawing this card sent my heart racing as I am still a little caught up in Wednesday’s Full Moon transitions. This card’s symbolism speaks to transitions, change, intuition, emotion and the Divine Feminine. ???????? I do have big plans for July and some of that includes a little (or a lot) of self-exploration. Leading into 2018, I did some groundbreaking work with Stephanie Gailing. Through that, I came to a realization about how much discomfort I bring into my own orbit because I struggle to fit in to how people are “supposed to” do things, feel things, approach life. I have spent *decades* trying to impose routine onto my life only to fail time and time again because routine does not work for me. Still, I continually feel pressure from other people’s structures, schedules, expectations to adapt. This is my leap for July, this is my jumping off point. Accepting who I am, the ways that I work and the ways that I don’t and coming up with strategies that are true to me instead of trying to fit myself into others’ molds.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the Things We’ll Do This Month. For today, happy July 1st!

Do you have any big goals for July? What are you leaping into?

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