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by Carly-Ann

When we talk about self-care, we talk about doing things to nourish our souls and to take care of ourselves. Here’s a definition I found here.

Self-care is a broad term that encompasses just about anything you to do be good to yourself. In a nutshell, it’s about being as kind to yourself as you would be to others. It’s partly about knowing when your resources are running low, and stepping back to replenish them rather than letting them all drain away.

I often write about self-care – even if not explicitly. I write about it in my topics, my subjects, my stories. I generally choose to focus on the positive side and how to make things better. A common topic that I rarely address is stress.

I’m not really good at identifying when I’m stressed. I have a pretty resilient nature so I tend to move through stress quickly. I don’t outwardly freak out and, if anything, I get really quiet and I need quiet to function. Even that amount of understanding has taken a lot of personal exploration. My naturopath used to ask me, “how’s your stress?” and all I could do was just look at her. I’d never taken any time to understand my stress response or to make note of it. Stress is something that I only feel at its peak and then I let go of it within a very short span of time.

I’ve started to notice that I have a consistent indicator when stress is starting to creep up on me. My tell: I think about playing video games. No, I fantasize about it. Most notably, World of Warcraft. At the end of any given day, I can always tell if I’ve been feeling stressed based on how often or how much I’ve thought about playing WoW. It’s my great escape. It’s the most enjoyable way that I can turn off my brain and just let go of all the things I’m juggling. One might think that on days when I think about it non-stop, I’d come home and log in. That’s the funny part: the more I think about it, the less I actually play it. I keep my account active, but I only log in every month or so and, also funny, when I actually log in is mostly when I’m least stressed. Playing WoW is my ultimate saviour in theory and it’s my ultimate treat in practice.

What’s your go to stress reliever? Where do you turn when you’ve had a beast of a day?

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