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by Carly-Ann

You know you’ve had a good vacation when you go back to work and it feels like you’ve been gone for weeks. I only really missed about 1.5 days, but I legitimately didn’t think about it while I was away and that was beautiful at the time, but turned into a big challenge this morning as I tried to fit back in. Even walking through the grocery store beneath our apartment seemed foreign.

Now, I’m home for three days before we head to Whistler for the BC Lacrosse Association’s Annual General Meeting. That means meetings for Kevin on Friday night and all day Saturday, but I’m hoping to lay low, visit with a friend who’ll also be there, get some runs with some new scenery in and work on some writing projects that I have on the go. There’s a great banquet dinner on Saturday night and it’ll be great to see many new and old lacrosse friends there.

I was excited to receive an email announcing that Duolingo celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day (an alternative to Columbus Day in many areas of the US which is celebrated on the same day when we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada) by releasing two new courses:

New and unfamiliar languages are one of my favourite reasons for traveling. I love hearing people speak in different languages, whether I can understand them or not and I really love learning more about them.

I was excited to see Duolingo expand beyond traditional vacation destination languages, especially since they are both aboriginal languages. According to the title of this Time article, One of the World’s 7,000 Languages Dies Every Three Months. Given my love of words and of communication, the extinction of language breaks my heart.

I’m still working on finishing my brushing up French course and my learning Czech course, but once I’m done those, I think I’ll try one of these new ones.

I haven’t been to Whistler in a few years. Are there any new can’t miss things to see or do? Have you learned a new language using Duolingo? Which one?

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