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by Carly-Ann

I think I have a new favourite author and it’s Caroline Kepnes. I read Providence back in August and I finished You on the flight back from Chicago. Over the weekend in Whistler, I started Hidden Bodies, the follow-up to You.

Her writing is compelling and her stories are edgy, modern and even border on a little creepy. I knew I liked most of those things, but creepy is new this year.

You was recently made into a TV series on Lifetime and I am so excited to watch it, but I feel like I shouldn’t since I haven’t finished her sequel yet. I’m worried that they’ll wade into Hidden Bodies territory before I’ve read it all. I’m also scared to finish this last book because it’s the only one of hers that I have left to read.

Who is your favourite authour? Have you ever read a book that was turned into a tv series?

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