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by Carly-Ann

I used to believe that ALL vacation days were meant for travel and I would suck every last second out of any trip. I’d work up until the last possible minute before my departure. I’d fly home the morning of a work day and head straight to the office. Now, I’m not so much into that kind of hectic rush and will build a buffer before/after a trip to prepare/settle back in.

This week, I have a five day window before going back to work. I’m using it to unpack, do laundry and get the house organized and I’m also taking some time to adapt my home life into what I want my normal to be.

Today, I got up and went for a run. When I got back, I thumbed through a new cookbook I borrowed from the library and did a little meal planning for the days ahead. After ten days of being on the move, away from home, some decent, nourishing food was very, very welcome.

Kevin is back at work all day and night today so I’ve had the apartment (and cats ???????? – and laundry ????????) to myself.

I’ve started to turn my thoughts to pulling out some of the Christmas decorations and practiced gratitude that we celebrate Thanksgiving at the beginning of October and there I no other holiday to get in the way between now and then.

Yesterday, in the spirit of a new week and new goals, I asked which of the following mantras most spoke to friends on Facebook and on Twitter.

Interestingly, I had two different people respond saying they knew that if they chose one of these things, then everything else would fall into place. One said EAT HEALTHY is their key to wellness. The other said BE HAPPY is their missing puzzle piece.

The thing for me that makes everything in my life come together is sleep which, as you can see, does not appear on that list. Still, I think there’s merit in all of the things listed so I’m going to cycle my way through all of them. One week at a time, I’ll hold one of the mantras close and see how it all comes together.

How about you? Which of those mantras most speaks to you?

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