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by Carly-Ann

I had a slow day today. I hung around the house for a while and I caught up on a few things I wanted to get done. Eventually, I left the house and did a loop of some of my favourite nearby shops. Mostly, I just wanted to get out of the house and see what’s going on around town. I had a couple of errands in mind, but it was mostly a leisurely trip. In the span of maybe two hours being out and about the following happened:

  • I had problems making a deposit at my bank (service interruption)
  • I shut down not one, but TWO debit terminals at the grocery store (they just quit working)
  • None of my items were scannable at one of my stops

I came home, started dinner then thought of a couple of online orders I wanted to place. It is no word of a lie when I tell you that BOTH of them got all the way to the end and then – POOF! – they also quit on me.

As I sat here on the couch, all I could do was laugh. And then I remembered:


For many people, Mercury retrograde May be the only thing they know about astrology beyond Sun signs. And it gets a really bad rap.

As with all Mercury retrogrades, you need to watch out for the standard issues around miscommunications, travel delays, technology errors, and unplanned events disrupting your schedule.

This was a blurb I found in a Cosmopolitan article which shows just how simplistic this fear of Mercury going retrograde can be. And until I started working with Stephanie Gailing, a lot of my understanding of Mercury retrograde was influenced by that thinking.

Is any of that true? Well, I just have six examples of technology going haywire – and the retrograde hasn’t even started yet! (It starts tomorrow and last until December 6th.)

I love the gentle and loving way Stephanie talks about Mercury retrograde (this is quoting this really informative post she wrote about a prior Mercury retrograde, but it’s beautiful):

When you think of how to approach this period, just remember the first two letters of the word retrograde—“re”—and apply it to the activities you undertake. As such, Mercury Retrograde periods are a great time to reassess, review, reanalyze, revisit, rethink, re-edit, and recommunicate. Looking at it through this lens, you will begin to see how this time period can actually yield great benefit as you can discover things that you may not have previously seen, things that allow you to refine the integrity of your creativity and communications.

Stephanie has taught me not only how Mercury relates to my personal birth chart, but also all the opportunities it offers. And right now, you can get a quick mini-session with her to review the same as it relates to yours, if you would like to know more. Here is a link.

For now, enjoy the upcoming ride, friends. Now is a time to make sure you dot all your Is and cross your Ts!

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