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by Carly-Ann

I looked forward to today thinking I was going to write about gratitude and being thankful and the glory of the holidays (even the ones we borrow from others.) In reality, I spent more than twelve hours in the office, felt like I made little progress in that time. I forgot that the Falcons were playing today and by the time I remembered, they were already losing 24-3. I didn’t do any meal planning for today and by the time I got home it was really too late to eat, but I was starving.

But, as they say…

So, here goes…

  • Coworkers who missed me enough while I was away that they make a special trip to my office to tell me how happy they are that I’m back
  • Christmas movies (we are watching them non-stop, any suggestions??)
  • A fresh new 2019 calendar

I keep meaning to start a gratitude practice. Maybe today is day one. Maybe not.

Do you have a daily gratitude practice? Do tell!

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