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Full Moon in Leo Lunar Eclipse

by Carly-Ann

Today is a big day – and not only if you’re a Rams, Patriots, Saints or Chiefs fan. I am none of those things (thank GOD!), but I am keenly aware of the fact that today we’ll experience our first Full Moon of the year, a Full Moon in Leo or Wolf Moon and at the same time it’s a lunar eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon.

One of my goals for 2019 was to maintain my New and Full Moon rituals and I wrote about my first one the day before the New Moon in Capricorn on January 5th. At that time, my focus was on Capricorn ambition, balancing success and failure, stubbornness and motivation.

With the Moon now full and in the sign of Leo, we turn our thoughts towards some of the Leo traits: strengths, power, courage and respect.

This was the draw that I did today, guided by the Leo card in the tarot deck, Strength, and a spread that I found on the Labyrinthos website.

1. What is my greatest inner strength? Ten of Wands

2. How can I step into my own power? The Sun ????

3. What parts of myself can be more celebrated? Knight of Wands

4. Where can I take bigger risks? Knight of Pentacles

I rely on a few people for guidance through the lunar phases and, as always, they came up big for me.

Here were some of the highlights as I prepped for this Full Moon.

Megan Skinner:

It is not unusual to FEEL intensively during this time. If you can embrace your feelings and emotions, whatever is illuminated for you now, without judgment, there can be a great transformation and awakening.

Please see her post for her gorgeous explanation of the relationship between Aquarius and Leo and how this event can influence your life at this time.

Stephanie Gailing: Here is her post about today’s big events. That link includes everything below and much, much more.

Remember that even if we can’t see an Eclipse in the sky, these celestial events are potent harbingers of illumination in our lives. Eclipses are often associated with the unfolding of life-shifting events and/or awareness.

And to give you a sense of what today’s lunation really means in an astrological sense,

One of the questions that the Leo Full Moon may pose is how we can authentically be ourselves while at the same time being part of and contributing to something larger than our individual selves.

Staying true to myself has been an ongoing theme for me for over a calendar year now and I feel stronger and better for my commitment to myself, to Be Carly.Personally, I’ve had a couple of themes at play in my life recently. One has been related to friendship and the other career. In both, I am contemplating the meaning and value in my life, the things that I desire in each and the things I am willing to tolerate or sacrifice for those values. In the Full Moon spirit, I am moving on from both in some ways.

In friendship, I’ve starting to release the ties to relationships that were no longer serving me, to accounts that were making more withdrawals than deposits, to paraphrase a quote I shared on Facebook the other day.

When it comes to career, I sometimes get carried away in thinking about the type and volume of progress I’d like to make. I love my job, but if I listen to my heart, I want to grow my position without necessarily moving “up” in my company. I like the level of responsibility that I have. I work hard and I work long hours and I don’t really want to commit more than I already do. In a corporate setting, it’s hard to hold onto that internal truth without being swayed by the currents swelling upward.

Happy Full Moon! Don’t forget to leave your crystals out by the light of the Moon to cleanse and charge them. ????♌️

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