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Super Bowl?

by Carly-Ann

In the end. I decided to watch the game today. Well, sort of. We went over to my parents’ to join them in their festivities, but I brought two books with me. (Now reading: My Year of Rest and Relaxation.) I sat in the room where the game was being televised, but I didn’t have a direct line at the tv and was facing the other direction. Basically, the only thing I wholeheartedly participated in was the food.

My view:

I *did* watch the halftime show. I am very much NOT into Maroon 5 and I didn’t think I was into Travis Scott, but I didn’t hate his performance and I didn’t know Big Boi was performing and I loved his portion of the show. I enjoyed some of the tweets about it, but all the complaining. Gawd. Basically, let’s all just accept that everyone is an ornery complainer and the show isn’t going to be tailored to them personally. Let’s respect the artists and appreciate their talents in what they do. Let’s give them a few minutes in an extraordinary show on an extraordinary stage and STFU when we don’t like it. Y’all’s complaining for the sake of complaining is boring. Not to mention predictable.

The game, though? Well, it sounded boring and the scoring reflected that. Low scoring games are sometimes a reflection of a really well matched pair of teams with defensive talent outshining offensive. I didn’t get the vibe that that’s what was happening. Shame.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday tonight with a cake from Trafiq. Honestly, if you’re in Vancouver and you need a cake, they’re the best. The. Best.

Now, it’s snowing like crazy at our house, but it’s back to work in the morning so we won’t even get to enjoy it.

How did you like the game today? What else did you do this weekend?

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