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New Moon in Aquarius

by Carly-Ann

I’m late with this post. The New Moon in Aquarius actually took place yesterday at 1:06pm PST. Aquarius is one of the signs I’m least familiar with. I don’t have any signs in Aquarius and even though my Mom and a few friends are Aquarians, I don’t have a great understanding of the sign.

So, I turned to the pros.

For the first time ever, I purchased the Aquarius Workbook from Spirit Daughter and if you’re interested in getting in tune with astrology, it can serve as a *fantastic* guide. It contains lots of helpful information, explanation and exercises.

Through that and a few other sources, I was enlightened to dive deeper into the influences brought forth by Aquarius. They include:

  • Networking
  • Relationships
  • Hopes, dreams
  • Individuality

I liked this way of expressing what a New Moon means in our lives. From my Spirit Daughter workbook:

The New Moon is all about moving forward through meaningful expression of your personality.

And about a New Moon influences by Aquarius specifically, I felt most called to this.

…open yourself to all the possible ways in which you feel comfortable expressing your unique self.

…Aquarius reminds us that it is pivotal for our energetic evolution to feel capable of expressing our truest self to the world. First, though, we must pick our means of communication, which will be different for everyone. We tend to gravitate towards people who express themselves in similar ways as we do. Most likely your tribe already consists of people who can speak your language. If you do not feel this is true, envision, on this New Moon, a community who helps nurture the full expression of your truth.

(Emphasis mine.)

Again, I searched for a tarot spread to help me gain some insight into what this lunation means to me in particular. Again, I turned to Labyrinthos for the answer.

Here were my results.

  1. Where can I be more experimental? The Hermit
  2. What quirks am I hiding? The Tower
  3. How can I be more empathetic? Seven of Wands

That’s a pretty heavy and deep spread for me and it’s going to take a little while to digest, but I’m also focusing on my methods for communicating and networking, as suggested. My preferred method of sharing myself is in words – writing first, speaking second. In any relating, I prefer a one-on-one dynamic or, at the very most, a very small group. I don’t often feel much satisfaction from time spent with more than one or two people at once.

How do you best express yourself? Do you surround yourself with people who appreciate, nourish, support that?

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