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We bought our cat a sweater

by Carly-Ann

It wasn’t on a whim and it wasn’t just for fun or because it’s cute. It was something we’d talked about and we made a deliberate trip to the store to fulfill. She’s getting old. We’ve covered that. And then we covered it again. While we’ve somehow managed to integrate the midnight prowls (not just at midnight, but many times, all midway through the night) into our sleep habits (honestly, I barely even wake up anymore) and have decided to just give in to her near constant demands to be fed, the one thing we’ve continued to worry about is her ability to regulate her body temperature. My natural instinct is to have faith that her body can manage itself, but I can’t help but notice her frailty, weight loss and thinning fur. I brought up the idea of getting her a sweater to Kevin earlier this winter. He scoffed at first, but as the temperatures have dropped in recent weeks, he eventually came around and suggested that we try it.

Since we weren’t sure cat clothes were a thing, we knew we’d have to dip into the doggie market. I have had pets all my life and adopted my parents’ insistance that they be taken care of fully, thoroughly and diligently even after I left the house. A pet should want for nothing in my opinion, but even I think dog culture has gone too far. Boy, was that an underestimation! We tried a couple of smaller pet stores first, preferring to shop at a more local supplier and avoid big box (our general tendency in any case) but their displays were bare. We assumed that the wet weather had forced people into emergency coat purchases So selection had dwindled.

Eventually, we hit up Petsmart and that’s where we ended up getting it. We thought for sure we’d be able to find something there. Here’s what we found: two in store displays and an entire aisle of dog clothes. It was absurd! Statement t-shirts, weird costumes (it is NOT Halloween, friends) – you name it, they had many. It was a pretty gross feeling standing there and contemplating the insanity of it all. Confession: I don’t think it’s funny when people put adult sayings on t-shirts for kids. Turns out I hate it on dogs even more. I mean, whose dog needs a T-shirt that says DRINKING BUDDY?!?

Most of the shirts we found were just cheap t-shirts, but we eventually shook of the creepiness and found the warmer one that we were looking for (she’s a dog size small) and headed home.

Kevin thought she’d be furious about it, but I bet she wouldn’t mind. In the end, I was right, but she still prefers human generated heat over any other kind.

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