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The perfect fit

by Carly-Ann

Remember back in January when I was on the fence about whether to keep the sous-vide that we received as a very generous Christmas gift? In the end, we came to the conclusion that we should take it back because we just weren’t ready for it. After making that decision, we were faced with a new one: what to replace it with. We had a gift card at Best Buy and continued to throw out ideas about what we should get. None of them seemed to fit the bill until I brought home an idea that was floated by my friend and colleague.

A Bluetooth speaker!

When I first heard the idea, I was lukewarm about it and said the same thing that Kevin said when I mentioned it to him: but we never really listen to music. Then I told myself the same thing I later told him: that’s because we don’t have a good way to do it!

We chose the Bose Soundlink Revolve model and we LOVE it for so many reasons including:

  • 360° sound that’s rich, crisp and perfect for music, podcasts and more
  • It’s totally portable – just grab it and take it from room to room or take it on the road
  • Simple to set up, turn on, turn off and it can be entirely managed from your phone

Fact is, I like music a heck of a lot more than I like cooking so this was an excellent trade off to begin with, but I’m also discovering a thousand more ways that Spotify is better than Apple Music. I’m so mad you guys didn’t tip me off sooner!

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