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#19for2019 quarterly check in

by Carly-Ann

We’re one quarter of the way through 2019. That sounds a little severe, doesn’t it? I mean, how can that even be? Time flies, babies. It most certainly flies.

Given the milestone, I wanted to do a little check in on my 19 for 2019 goals and see how I’m progressing.

Here goes.

  1. 100 days of running – Hmm. Well, I’m still struggling on this one, but it’s getting better. Currently at 13/100.
  2. Get an eye exam and new glasses – No progress
  3. Create and submit a piece to the Anonymous Art Show – No progress
  4. Track spending – I’ve stuck with this one. I haven’t always updated my spreadsheet every day, but I’ve kept it up to date within, say, a week. I’m happy with that.
  5. Get married…or decide not to – No progress
  6. Complete a full month of Yoga with Adriene x2 – I did about half of March so that’s my roundabout way of saying no progress
  7. Pay off my credit card – Making progress
  8. Give strength training a chance – No progress
  9. Read 60 books – Finally one I can celebrate! I’m just on the verge of finishing book number 23/60. Ahead of schedule!
  10. PR a half marathon – Haven’t tried yet.
  11. Daily blogging – Check!
  12. Monthly offline date with KevinJanuary was awesome. February got pushed back into March and March was non-existent. We need to get back on track with this one.
  13. Get hard drives removed from old computers – No, *BUT* I know where I’m going to get it done. I just need to get an external hard drive first.
  14. New and full Moon rituals – YES!
  15. Complete French and Czech Duolingo courses – I’m working on the French one steadily, but I did just lose all my progress and I’ve discovered there’s a lot more to it than I was aware of.
  16. Set aside time each week for goal setting, planning and review – This has been hit and miss. You know me and routine. Sometimes they go together, most of the time they do not.
  17. Celebrate minor holidays – I called myself out on it…and then I didn’t. really improve.
  18. Read one book at a time – This is a work in progress. I am much better, but I still find my mind wandering and craving something different sometimes. I’ve mostly got it under control, but there are still a few overlaps and slips.
  19. Post something on Instagram every day – Hahahahahaha. Nope. I’m going to need to replace this one.

So, I haven’t been as successful as I may have envisioned I would be, but I haven’t totally failed yet either. There’s lots of year left so I’m looking forward to tackling a few more of these in the coming months.

How are your 2019 goals coming along? And great successes? And major challenges?

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