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30 grams of (plant-based) protein

by Carly-Ann

That isn’t even all of it, friends. THREE TIMES A DAY.

There it is.


I’ve been witness to friends who committed to intense and meticulous eating plans and I have applauded them. I have cheerleaders for them. I have have talked them down from ledges with reminders of their greater goal. This isn’t even that hard, but it’s certainly a challenge for me.

I saw my naturopath again today. (I also saw my regular doctor who didn’t brush off my issue the way I’d hoped she would. Then I broke a tooth. Needless to say, my ND visit was the highlight.) We caught up on my findings from the anti-inflammatory diet I’ve been following. Mostly it’s been going well and I am feeling great. We also checked in on the DNA results that we had access to as part of my Ancestry raw data.

Among the things I learned:

  • Caffeine is not my friend. Coffee, green tea, chocolate. None of it.
  • I’m great at absorbing the nutritional content of nuts and seeds.
  • I’m best suited to a Mediterranean diet: fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains. (A ketogenic diet would wreak havoc on my body.)
  • I was really happy to hear that my DNA indicates that a plant-based diet should suit my body just fine.
  • My disinterest in food likely “tells a story about my digestion.”
  • I don’t absorb Vitamin D well as others.
  • I don’t deal with saturated fat as efficiently as other people might.

We reviewed all that and much more. Most of it I can’t relay accurately. Next up, we worked on an eating plan and a timeline.

The Plan.

  • The aforementioned 30 grams of protein per meal.
  • Three meals a day, for that matter.
  • New supplements, all related to digestion.

I love that we’re focusing on one thing and that its digestion. Never before in all my life, all my medical care, all my doctors, nobody has ever taken even a passing interest in my digestion, but in the short look we’ve taken, it seems there may be legitimate concerns. It’s enlightening and also disappointing. For all of the health concerns I’ve had, some of the roots may have been in the health of my gut. How could it be that until now nobody ever asked?

Instead of looking back, I would prefer to look forward. I’m excited for the changes ahead and the challenges in learning more about how to eat. I haven’t had a number around a goal before so I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or tips. (I have to continue to avoid the same things I have been already, including wheat and sugar.)

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