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by Carly-Ann

As I’ve shared a million times before, Saturday morning is our library routine. Today, we made our regular stop and our newly renovated branch and I dropped off what remained of the pile of books I’d borrowed during the closure.

My borrowed book list has never looked so sparse.

I’ve made a bit of a shift in my borrowing habits. I’m planning to have no more than five books checked out at any given time.

This started a few weeks ago. I was leaving the library with two books and meeting Kevin a few blocks away. When I arrived, I told him I’d looked down at my bag and thought to myself, “is this what a normal person feels like when they leave the library?”


Later in the day, we stopped in at Indigo on our way to the Giants playoff game. There, I had to pick up a couple of last minute Easter gifts and at the same time, I grabbed a new novel for myself and a GORGEOUS new notebook to (fingers crossed) start my new diary keeping habit.

We had dinner across the street and while the waitress waited for those moments when you’re trying to complete your payment using the machine and they’re awkwardly stuck at the table to pass, she asked, “did you get anything good at Indigo?”

She told me about the last book she read and I told her about the last book I read. I showed her the book I bought and she said she’d read it. I asked her about a book I thought was similar and she said she’d read it, too and it was. And I thought to myself, “there’s nothing better than a book talk.”

I said that I wanted this weekend to include several books. So far I’ve finished four of them and it’s been divine.

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