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Wrapping up the weekend

by Carly-Ann

We had a four day weekend this weekend with Good Friday and Easter Monday considered holidays for both me and Kevin. Now we’re staring down the start of a new, albeit short, work week again.

I often find that I look forward to some aspects of going back to work after even a couple of days, but especially after an extended period of time off. In fact, contemplating it tonight, I think long weekends are actually better in their future state than they are in their current. (I should specify: long weekends spent at home are. Travel is a whole different ball game and travel beats regular life any day.)

It’s so nice to look forward to having three or four days or even a week off. Me, I fantasize about sleeping in, going for drives in the country, reading, enjoying cups of tea and having and attending barbecues. In reality, I wake up before 8am every day anyway and we often end up embarking on a string of errands every day. That isn’t to say that we don’t have fun, but it isn’t the maxing relaxing that I picture in my mind over the days leading up. It’s the anticipation that I like the most. (Unless, again, travel.)

The other thing that’s high on my mind at the moment: this three meals/30 grams of protein thing is kicking my ass. I had a mild tantrum about it today as I’ve got a pretty good handle on it, but it’s still a huge challenge for me. I contemplated scaling back to three meals and making sure two of them included 30 grams of protein and then increasing after I’d learned to rock that. I still might so that, but I haven’t made a conscious decision about it yet.

I’m relying on a lot of fish and seafood to meet my goals which gives me the satisfaction of hitting the targets, but I don’t actually like it all that much. And even though I’ve spent the majority of my life (68% of my life) in various states of vegetarian/vegan-isms and I’m well versed in how to make healthy choices, I don’t know how I’d make solely plant-based. I know it’s possible, but the sheer amount of food I’d need to take in would be impossible for me right now.

There was something that my ND said the other day that I’ve returned to several times. She said that she thinks my disinterest in food may be a story about how poor my digestion has been. What she meant when she said that was that since my digestion has likely been poor for a long time, she believes that it isn’t a true disinterest in food, but that I’ve adapted my response to food because of it. If I’m honest, I have a feeling she is right and I hope so.

On the bright said, Easter was fun and it was also interesting. It was a challenge to fill baskets with items that weren’t candy or chocolate (I heard on the radio today that Americans spent $2.5 BILLION on Easter candy this year – I couldn’t find a figure for Canada) but we pulled it off. Kevin, in fact, totally nailed it. This basket is full of some of my favourite things – bath related luxuries, lip balm, crystals, aromatherapy and… those hand weights I’ve been wanting. He got a hoodie, a sound machine, a book and some healthy, anti-inflammatory diet friendly snacks.

It was a good weekend.

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