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Taxes done ✅

by Carly-Ann

I know this is weird and random, but I’ve always wanted to do my taxes myself. It’s also ridiculous because, I mean, everyone can do their taxes. For me, it kind of freaked me out because detail and attention aren’t really my jam. And it was easier to get my dad to do it. (Although, I’ve paid someone to prepare my taxes the last two years because I had some more complex deductions to manage.)

I decided this year was going to be the year. My decision was helped along by the fact that I hadn’t really done anything as far as collecting my paperwork until this week and I found the email from my tax agency a little snooty for my liking. I showed them.

So, while everyone else was watching the game of the century last night, I was doing my taxes.

I’d come home from having dinner with a girlfriend and Kevin had already left for practice. Having a little quiet time, I thought figured I’d dig in. I didn’t want to leave it until the last minute, after all. ????

There I was, on my bed with one cat and twenty papers spread all over my makeshift desk. I spent a couple of hours filling in the lines, referring to the guidebook, filling in more lines. Finally, I resolved that I’d gone as far as I could and called my dad.

Me: Well, the government owes me $11486!

Him: What?

Me: I did my taxes wrong.

Him: Aren’t you watching hockey? Overtime just started.


He quickly filled me in on everything that had happened. The penalty/no penalty situation, the four goal power play, the goal in the final minute to tie it up.


I quickly turned it on, Kevin got home from the arena and we got to watch the finale.

Tonight, after work we came right out to my folks’ place so that my dad could take a look. Sure enough, I was 95% correct, I just messed up when I moved something from one line to the other. So close!

No matter, 2018 taxes are done and I have a lot of notes for next year’s attempt. And more playoff hockey!

Do you do your taxes on your own or do you pay someone to do it?

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Lesley Maisey April 24, 2019 - 7:50 pm

Personal taxes done by me (was trained by my mom who was a wanna-be bookkeeper). But my corporate taxes I have done by an accountant.


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