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One sapphire down

by Carly-Ann

Today started off okay with a 7am text exchange when Rebecca shared this link with me, speculating that it had some hints of the exchange she and I had when Luke Perry died. I’ll be honest, I think the only other times she and I have talked at that hour would have been when we had been up all night. It certainly isn’t the norm for us to have an early morning communication, but then again, aging, to quote the article,

it is something about which the members of Generation X are suddenly finding themselves uncomfortably aware, as the leading-edge Xers step into the Freedom 55 target demographic.

I got to continue reading Daisy Jones and The Six which is exactly as good as everyone else says it is. Then just when we were starting to get going, I realized that something was missing. Here’s the story as I posted it on Twitter. (I don’t really want to have to write it all again.)

Sad, right?

At first, I panicked. I looked all over the bed and in the sheets, around on the floor and along the pathway of my morning steps. Then I remembered that no amount of searching was going to reveal it. It’d be a thing that just happened or didn’t. I started to hope that if I couldn’t find it, that it’d make its way into the hands of someone who would appreciate it. Then I began to wonder about all the lost jewels at the bottom of landfills after being vacuumed up or accidentally falling in the trash. I bet there are a lot of them.

Again, and to repeat myself, all day, I flashed through ways that I feel like hinted that this was in my near future. As we were on our way back upstairs after a day full of wandering and getting lost, I started to tell Kevin that my dream last night was that I was searching around a strange town because I had to collect…GEMSTONES. Isn’t that bizarre?

So, we’re going to get it replaced, but it’s taking a back seat to a few other things first – new furniture, travel, then it’ll be time to put a replacement in.

Funny story – when we went to San Antonio last December, I’d thrown my sunglasses in my carry on bag. When we got to Texas, I dug them out only to realize that one of the screws had come out and an arm had fallen off. I replaced them immediately, but didn’t throw what remained of the other ones out because I had faith that I’d find the screw and be able to fix them. Finally, as we were packing up to come home, I took everything out and checked the bottom of the bag. Nothing. So, I let them go. Fast forward to when we got home and what did we find? The screw sitting inside the lid of a jar on top of our buffet. My mom had found it while we were away and thinking that we might be able to fix whatever it had fallen out from, she’d saved it. It didn’t take long to make a joke about getting my mom over here to spy that sapphire wherever it may be.

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