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Class reunions, yea or nay?

by Carly-Ann

Last week, on an episode of The Social, the lead topic was: would you go to a high school reunion? Here is a link.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I only really feel nostalgia for a handful of mostly things. I can think of a couple of people who played parts in my history who I’d be happy to see for a coffee or something like that, but the idea of a free-for-all of ALL the people I’ve known showing up at the same place and the same time? That’d be a hard pass.

I went to my ten-year reunion and I quickly knew I’d never go to another one. It was perfectly fine to be there. Thankfully. It was a boat cruise so if it had been horrible, talk about being trapped! and I was never part of a specific group and I had friends here, there and everywhere, but I guess my style of connecting with others (quietly, in very small groups, ideally pairings) revealed itself early on. It has never been fun for me to socialize in groups and I derive little satisfaction from it. There is no ickier a possibility than one in which a large group has been invited and nobody knows exactly who will show up. It’s like party roulette. No, thank you.

As I mentioned, there are a handful of people I would be really happy to see one-on-one, but, by and large, I’m of the belief that if we’d wanted to stay in touch, we probably would have.

I have one friend from high school with whom I still keep in touch and she is my opposite on this topic. She’d attend a reunion every year. She loves them. I just tell her to have a good time and come around for the highlights once it’s done. She’ll say, “remember so-and-so?” Most often my answer is no, but I’ll definitely show up for the stories.

Have you – would you- attend your high school or other reunions? Why? If not, what has kept you away?

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Sarah M May 14, 2019 - 5:08 am

Ugh. Nay. But yay. I will explain.
I never want or plan to go. My high school best friend is always excited to go. She always (twice) peer pressures me into it. Excuses about her husband being unavailable and we can’t let the extra ticket go to waste, etc. I go, I get bored with soccer mom stories and proceed to get pretty drunk. I’m sure some of my classmates think I have a problem. And I’m not too bothered because high school, while thoroughly enjoyable AT THE TIME, is over and I don’t care about 99.4% of those people.


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