And so it begins

Lacrosse season, that is.

While practices have been going on for a month already, tomorrow night is the first game of the season. Sure, it’s preseason, but it’s still a marker. The regular season will start the Saturday after next and then it’ll be off to the races.

Eighteen games that I will go to. Twice as many practices that I won’t. Weekends at the arena, nights spent rehashing the events we’d just witnessed and all the extra drama behind the scenes. A summer of not being able to commit to things we want t

Right now, it feels exhausting and I know that will be true at times, but I also know I’m inadvertently overlooking all the good things that will come with it: seeing friends I don’t see outside of the season, meeting new friends along the way, the team atmosphere, the excitement of competition and so much more.

If you’re looking for me over the next few months, here’s where you’ll find me. Come keep me company!

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