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Season of sacrifice

by Carly-Ann

Gretchen Rubin introduced me to this phrase. Perhaps she coined it or it’s possible it existed for and by others first. Basically, it’s a happiness boosting strategy to get through periods of time when you’re busy, stressed or working particularly hard. The suggestion is to frame the time as a season of sacrifice. You’re giving up some of your regular routines and expectations for the greater good of the ultimate goal. In recognizing the season of sacrifice, you put some boundaries around the devotion it requires and that helps to always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Interestingly, every time I’ve heard it discussed on her podcast, Happier, I’ve wondered to myself where and how I could apply it in my own life. Somehow I’d always come up blank. Duh!

Just today, I came to realize that I’m in it. Right now.

Every spring, lacrosse season creeps in and so does my growing resentment. We can’t eat well or at home, we constantly have someplace to be, someone to follow up with, something to pick up or drop off. My concern over the stresses that are related to it blur out all of the enjoyment.

I’m not sure what has happened this season that’s made for a way more enjoyable start (winning helps!) but I’ve had a totally different response – and I like it. After thinking about it today, I’m also armed with the acceptance of this season of sacrifice will someday – and probably much more quickly than I’m ready to accept – come to an end.

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