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Was that a game or what?

by Carly-Ann

We got back from work late today and then went on a little walk around the neighbourhood and to pick up groceries. I have to say, this 9pm EST start for Raptors games is highly civilized. Other sports should follow suit.

By the time we’d foraged all our needs, we went back home just in time for the game to start.

I’ll be honest: I have not watched a lick of basketball in years. Probably not since the last time in ages. Sure, we went to a Spurs game in San Antonio (former home of Kawhi Leonard) back in December, but before that, it had probably been at least a decade since the last time Amy and I saw the Blazers together in Portland.

But we made a point of watching tonight. It was a big game full of an even bigger possibility. Sadly, it came down to one point and the Raptors lost. (Sorry if you PVRed it and haven’t had a chance to watch yet.) It was damn exciting, though. And well worth the time.

I’m reluctant to adopt a team because they are “Canada’s” according to some weird nationalistic dictate. In this case, I made a conscious decision to go against my tendency to deny that. There is a lot of good coming out of the country-wide celebration of this team. Viewing parties – “Jurassic Parks” are popping up everywhere and people are joining with their families, friends, neighbours and communities to participate in the revelry. To bring home a championship would be a really meaningful end the to story. Vancouver had the Olympics, Toronto gets this experience.

Of course, the series could be far from over. There are still two possible games to go – only one if the Raptors can pull off a win in California. We’ll be watching!

Who are you cheering for? Why?

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