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Project: Refresh

by Carly-Ann

I started vacation today. It’s just three days, but I needed a bit of a break and this will be perfect for that. I don’t really have any plans, I just need a little refresh.

At almost the same time as I confirmed my time off, I also confirmed my first orders of business.

  1. Manicure
  2. Ritual pedicure
  3. Brow wax

My favourite place to get some pampering is at Wildflower Beauty Bar in Port Moody. Sadly, I hadn’t been there in quite a while just because it’s a little out of my way and 99% of the time when I go to Port Moody it’s to see my folks.

I was so thankful when I get myself settled into the treatments. I can’t say that I always truly appreciate spa visits, but today felt like total luxury. It also proved how in need of some pampering I was.

The Ritual Pedicure is a special pedicure that is designed by Wildflower owner Gretchen and Liberate Your True Self owner Amalie. Together they assemble a truly special routine using essential oils and crystals to focus on a specific theme for the month. This month’s theme was Joy and I was the first person to receive the treatment. It was heavenly.

Here’s a link to the Wildflower blog post about the pedicure and how to book your own.

Once I finished up there, I met up with Kevin and we decided to just wander around for the remainder of the day. We went for lunch, we ran some errands, we visited a bookstore and had a coffee. It was leisurely and it was nice.

This evening, we caught up on some tv and had sushi for dinner. It was a good day, but we’re both still exhausted from the weekend. A little time off is just what we needed for a mental reset.

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