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What day is it, anyway?

by Carly-Ann

Life, am I right? It starts coming at you and it just keeps coming. Sometimes when it feels overwhelming, I remind myself that it won’t always be or feel like it feels. It gives me a little perspective and brightens up the view of the future.

This whole scenario ⬆️ has been occupying a lot of the space in my head this week.

I learned early on in my lacrosse career that one of the things I’d missed by growing up on the outside of competitive sports was a certain resilience that I see displayed in the guys that I’ve worked with over the years. I think the experience of working hard personally and as a team, competing and sometimes celebrating a victory or sometimes mourning a loss really hones the coping skills of the player as a human being. As a fully grown adult, I haven’t seen another way a person can acquire that ability to balance the good with the bad and to bounce between both. It’s one of the reasons I love being around athletes. Perspective. Especially since theirs is usually so vastly different than mine.

So, yeah. I’d been sweating this game all week. I was nervous and freaked out and I’d partly buried that in forgetting about everything and, in equal parts, obsessing about everything, too.

That’s how we got to this point – where I literally don’t know what day of the week it is – and I should note: THAT IS MY JOB.

Anyway, we won tonight. And we got chirped by some professional athletes who are currently 1-4 in their season so glass houses, fellas. And so many of the guys complimented me on my haircut. It was a fun night and winning made it even better. And I only know what day of the week it is because I have my eyes locked on tomorrow. It’s almost the weekend, friends. Hang in there.

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