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How often do you look at community boards?

by Carly-Ann

Before we left on our road trip yesterday, we made a stop at Fortius Sport & Health because my dad needed some pain killers for a little leg injury he incurred in the garden. As the last stop for good coffee, i couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a refill at the Starbucks there.

While I waited for our drinks, I took a look at their community board. I always like to have a look to see what’s going on in any particular area and I’ve found that some community boards are more interesting than others.

While looking at the board at the Starbucks inside Fortius, I noticed cultural celebrations, employment opportunities and all kinds of events to introduce newcomers to different sports. It was really nice to see the variety of events and it felt like it spoke to the true spirit of the boards: community building.

We’ll often go check out an open house or promotional event and it’s been a lot of fun to explore different groups and places. I didn’t get any leads off that board, but it restored my faith that they can be more than just business promotions. (I don’t think those are even supposed to be there, but I’ve seen a few boards completely overrun with those.)

Do you look at your community boards around town? Do you ever check out events that you find there? What kind of event do you dream of seeing?

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