July in review

End of July? What?

This month was an absolute whirlwind. I had to go back and check my list of things we’ll do because I could not recall a single one of them. And outside of the arena, I can’t really recall anything we actually did. Was it foolish of me to expect that I would? Perhaps. But I was optimistic. I had hopes that we’d be able to balance work, lacrosse work and living. Hahahahahahaha.


But you know me, I like to focus on the positives. So, what did I follow through on this month? Ahem.

  • Plan and prepare for trip to Toronto
  • Get a (damn) haircut (already)
  • Pick berries
  • Clean out our office (started)
  • Do more yoga and meditation

Probably the best thing that happened this month was when I found some bees in my garden.

With the end of the lacrosse season (😭) and some time off coming up, the bright side is that we’ll be able to focus on some fun goals this month almost entirely without distraction.

What were the highlights of your July?

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