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Holiday fail

by Carly-Ann

It’s the Sunday of a long weekend, the day before the holiday Monday and I ended up accidentally devoting my day to something I would never have guessed I would: cleaning.


I hate cleaning. I am never grumpier than when I have to do it. It is the absolute lowlight of every week for me. I don’t like the process and to pour salt in the wound, I don’t even appreciate the results.

Today, I just kind of fell into it. We’re getting ready to go away, of course, and we need to have the place somewhat presentable for the cat/house sitter. My mom loves coming home to a clean house and even though that isn’t super meaningful to me, she did I still it in me little. We also had zero plans for the day and woke up feeling like keeping it that way.

I’m glad we did.

It was really hot in the apartment and I started out reading, but every so often, I’d take a break and I didn’t really have anything else I wanted to do. It’s started slowly when I decided to organize the books at my bedside. Then I vacuumed the spare bedroom. Then I tidied up the dining room table/makeshift office I use when I work from home.

I was in what is probably best described as a detached mood so I knew the time to strike was now. I can get overly emotional when it comes to cleaning and when I’m in that place, I tend to hang on to more things than I necessarily need. I’ll never be completely without attachment to random things, but some days I’m more reasonable than others. Today was one of those days.

I ended up doing this half clean/half lounge thing where I would take on some cleaning task and then when I was done (or midway through in some cases) I’d sit back down and read or check Twitter or play a video game until the mood struck me to take on another task.

It was surprisingly effective.

Later in the day, Kevin went out to the lacrosse game (which was a doozy, by all accounts!) and I hung around home to just keep doing what I was doing.

Eventually, I hit the actual office and cleared out a half of a garbage bag full of stuff plus a ton of paper for recycling. This is the room where all the miscellaneous stuff has started to be deposited. It wasn’t a total disaster and, to be clear, it isn’t because there isn’t room in there that I use the dining room table to work from. We have an excellent view of the river from the table and I prefer having something to look at. Plus, the office doesn’t have any natural light. ????

Cleaning out the office was on my July things we’ll do this month list so I feel like maybe I just incubated that idea until it was ready to become a reality. I applied patience and then it just kind of happened – before I even realized what I was doing.

So, yeah. I basically spent the whole day cleaning. It doesn’t feel like a victory, but I’m glad it’s done. And no I don’t particularly feel better that it’s done.

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