365 posts

Today marks the end of an entire year of daily posts. For twelve months, fifty-two weeks, 365 days, I’ve spent some portion of every day writing and sharing my thoughts, feelings, adventures, whatever. I’ve posted from Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle, Vancouver Island, Toronto and from a whole bunch of other places much closer to home. I’ve written heartfelt essays, thoughtful opinions and even some silly stories along the way. It all started with this post and it’s crossed a heck of a lot of ground since then.

So, I decided that I’m going to write here every day and, more importantly, I’m also going to hit PUBLISH every day, too. I hit a road block in my head because I feel like every post need to have a point and a story and a something I’m not giving it when, I mean, really? It’s a blog for crying out loud. And it’s MY blog. And further, what’s the advice I always give to others when they’re stumped: just do it.

Thank you to all of you who have read regularly or even just periodically. Thank you for the comments, the texts, the tweets and the conversations that spilled over face to face. You may never know how much it means to have your companionship on this road. I am so thankful for your support.

For now, I’m going to keep at it and see how long it goes on for. Maybe things will change, maybe they’ll stay the same for a while longer.


Yesterday marked my fourth month of daily writing. Relatively early on, Lesley asked me what I’ve learned from writing every day. At the time, it had been maybe one month and I couldn’t really answer her. I thought about it, but it still felt relatively new and I’m somewhat oblivious to subtle changes so I couldn’t pinpoint anything specific. Now that it’s been 122 days (today is 123) I still don’t necessarily feel like I have any significant lessons to share from the act of writing itself. It’s been a good exercise is coming up with topics every day (and faking it, though poorly, some days) and committing to keeping the streak up. As I’ve covered a trillion times already, routine isn’t my forte so getting into one has been uncomfortable at times. I have aspirations of becoming more organized and actually planning some topics ahead of time, but I’m hoping that’s something that’ll come with practice. I can say that it’s gotten significantly easier to sit down and write something since I’ve given myself the freedom to have off days. It was surprisingly freeing to give up the naming practice and focus on dates instead and I’m contemplating going back to word titles in the new year. Thoughts?

In the three months’ worth of thinking about Lesley’s question, there is one thing that’s stood out to me as far as lessons go and it’s that some people are going to go out of their way to support you and others are going to go out of their way to ignore you and you’re never going to be able to guess ahead of time which will be which.

I have had a few experiences when I’ve been reminded of one of my personal secrets of adulthood (inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s list of hers): people will always surprise you with (or without) their love and support.

Every week, I am pleasantly surprised by the people who text me, email me, DM me to expand the discussion from my blog, to weigh in with their opinion or to suggest a new topic. I’m so touched when people share, retweet or comment on my posts. Just knowing that they’re being read shows an act of caring, of interest and it helps to push me forward on the days when I don’t know if it’s worth bothering. Some people I thought would be super bored by my writing are really responsive and have shown they’re more supportive than I’d ever imagined. I even feel like this experiment has developed some relationships that might not have flourished as much without the conversations brought forward by my writing and their reading.

Others, people I expected to be my biggest fans are, quite simply, not. They’re not paying attention or they were and they’ve lost interest or they’re mad/annoyed/indifferent/have some kind of bee in their bonnet. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We’re each on our own paths. Sometimes they come together and sometimes they break apart. And that’s all okay. What will be will be.

As always, I like to focus on the positive and the people that I never before knew were so deeply rooted in my corner? They make me really happy and they make me feel so grateful. To me, there is no better lesson than that. Thank you. ❤️🙏🏻


This is Sarah. She is one of my most precious friends in all the world. We met via our blogs probably close to fifteen years ago and even though we live 2587 kilometres apart, it doesn’t stop us from keeping in touch all the time. Happy birthday, Sarah! 😘🎈

Usually when someone talks to me about wanting to make changes in their life, the first thing I ask them is how they reset themselves. It’s kind of a convoluted question, but what I mean is that I think everyone has a starting point to get them back to basics, one thing that, if they just get that right, they’ll be able to take on bigger goals. Typically, in my experience, those things have been things like cutting out alcohol, eating clean, going for a walk every evening, exercising more. Despite the praises I sang yesterday about how good it feels like clean up my diet, that isn’t actually my reset. My reset is getting enough sleep.

As with food, I tend to think of sleep as a necessity. I do it when I need to and don’t think about it much aside from that. I don’t think of sleep with the same passion as I hear others talk about it. It happens because it has to and when it’s over, it’s over until next time. The end.

There’s no denying that getting more good quality sleep (tending to my sleep hygiene, as they say these days) makes everything better and easier – eating well, exercising, coping, being productive, functioning as a loving human being.

All these things that have such high impact that we so easily let go. Sigh.

There was a while there this summer when EVERYONE was raving about this episode of The Joe Rogan Experience (podcast) when he talked to sleep doctor, Matthew Walker. It is a long haul at nearly two hours long, but if there isn’t something in there that blows your mind, I would be astounded.

I was reminded of prioritizing sleep today when one of the hosts on The Social mentioned this article that was recently published on The Cut.

Surveying a group of nearly 2,000 “healthy” sleepers (i.e. no diagnosed sleep disorders) between the ages of 45 and 84, researchers from the Duke University Medical Center found that adults who experience insufficient sleep duration, interrupted sleep cycles, and irregular bed- and waking-times face increased cardiometabolic risk, which refers to the risk for health issues like cardiovascular disease, greater obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

And that’s just the start.

That podcast I mentioned talks about how getting fewer than seven hours of sleep per night is not enough no matter what you say, think, feel. The most compelling part for me was when Walker talked about how with the exception of in circumstances of starvation, humans are the only animals ON THE PLANET who will sacrifice their sleep. And we think we’re the smart ones.

So, I know that my next steps are related to sleep and am even considering adopting a standard bedtime. (And you know how much I hate routine.)

With that, dear readers,

Tell me, what’s your reset. What’s your first step to increased awesomeness?

I am a cheerleader

Last week, I mentioned that I hear from many people who tell me they are thinking about starting a blog. After I wrote about that, I heard from even more which was delightful. One friend spilled the beans that she had actually already started blogging, but that she had a stumbling block of not really feeling like she had direction for what she wanted to write or who her audience is. I identified with that a LOT.

I’m sharing this little adage for two reasons.

  1. My friend is a professional writer. A very experienced professional writer. If you are neither of those things, then you can let yourself off the hook a little if you are, like her, struggling with where to begin.
  2. After our little exchange, I thought about what she’d said a lot – about how true that all felt for me as well and about what advice, if I was the advice giving type, I would have given her.


That was the advice that I borrowed from Elizabeth Dehn, creator of my new favourite website, Beauty Bets. I still believe that it is sound and a great place to start, but I’ve added my own two word mantra to the mix with the following.

be yourself

I’ve always been an advocate for transparency and truth when it comes to personal representation online. It’s how I coach my friends, family and clients to be. Through social media or my blog(s), I’ve always wanted to maintain the reality of my personality. Partly because I want to be genuine and act with integrity, but also because I feel like keeping up a fake persona would just be so much work and, if I’m honest, I probably don’t have a lengthy enough attention span to make it happen. When people caution others to be careful about what they put on social media for how it might impact their careers or other goals, I often think that maybe the more helpful advice would just be to be a better person. Know what I mean?

But once I dug a little deeper into this advice and really searched my heart and soul, I started to realize that there is one way in which I hold back, one way in which I’m not really honest or myself. I did some digging into the things I enjoy, what makes me happy and how I get the most out of life. What I’m about to say is something that it took me a long time to realize (and even longer to accept), something for which I have a passive-aggressive acquaintance to thank and something that I’ve slowly had to become more comfortable with.

i am a cheerleader

I don’t cheer for everyone and I certainly don’t cheer for everything, but I am at least a little bit in love with so many of the people and things I see in the world and so many of the things that I do. I like drawing attention to great things that are being done. I like putting a spotlight on the people who are doing them. Based on my perception, there really isn’t anything wrong with that, but I couldn’t avoid asking myself the question: why do I hide it? I didn’t come up with a very thorough or complex answer, but here are a few of my suspicions. (My awaken response in brackets.)

  • People get really ornery when it comes to positivity and enthusiasm. I have to defend myself against naysayers on the regular. (That isn’t something I enjoy.)
  • It can come across as fake, gimmicky, simple or trite. (I am none of those things.)
  • Sometimes people have different opinions/experiences. (Big deal. You do you.)
  • What if I’m wrong? (Are you even being serious with this?)

Finally, there’s the old, haunting standby: “loving things isn’t a theme” to which I have decided to take the position, “says who?” Because loving things is my theme – it’s how I go through my days and nights, it’s what makes me smile and laugh, it’s how I choose who to spend my time with and what we will do. This is who I am and that is exactly how I want to be.

And, you know what I concluded, the more I thought about it? If they don’t like it, well fuck ’em.

And then Rory Lula McMahan posted this on her Instagram this morning: The High Priestess. Here was her summary of today’s occurrence of this card.

LITTLE: Put some heart in your head. BIG: There is too much going on right now. Your mind is spinning with tasks, ideas, goals, dreams, wants, needs – and a great big dose of overwhelm. There is just so much you think you should be getting done, but all you keep hearing yourself say is how you can’t get anything figured out, or even which direction to start in. Don’t write off that spinning head of yours. It is actually trying to get a great deal of valuable information out for you to use, in its own ridiculously tangled way. The key for moving from anxiety to efficiency – or more importantly, peace – is to filter it all through your soul. The world, and your mind, is telling you to do only the things they desire from you. But right now, you need to figure out what it is that you desire. Not the pipe dreams and what-ifs and quietly envious imitations, but what you truly, really, actually want to do with your very sacred time. Stop worrying about if anyone else is going to like it and think about whether you do. That fear and frustration, that knot in your belly, is definitely not any fun, but it is up to you to look deeper and understand which parts are telling you to let go and which parts are telling you to dig in, which parts are obligation and which are love, which are the voices of others and which is the voice of your own true self. Yes, it feels like a war is being waged within your own inner spaces. And as with any war, there will be some loss. But listen, and you will finally hear what your intuition has been whispering through the chaos: You are actually on the verge of gaining it all.

I think that confirms it. That confirms everything.  ♥

What does this mean for this space? All good things. Stick around and you can expect more loving, more sharing, more cheerleading. And now that I’m free to be me, I’m hoping there’ll be a little more consistency.

What’s holding you back? How could you be more true to yourself online and off?

Spring Sweet Progress Box Swap Reveal

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen tweets and retweets from me getting all excited about the Sweet Progress Box Swap. Even before I could participate, I was enthusiastic about getting others involved. I mean, honestly, what’s better than happy mail?

Organized by and for bloggers to connect and get to know one another, the Sweet Progress Box Swap is hosted by Dean from Mrs AOK, A Work in Progress and Ashley from Happy. Pretty. Sweet. A few weeks ago, we were all matched up with another blogger and told little more than our partner’s favourite colour and email address. From there, we were to get acquainted, learn more about one another and, of course, exchange addresses.

As I mentioned above, I wasn’t always able to participate. A few swaps back, the exchange was limited to only those bloggers living in the US. I was thrilled to discover that this one was open to Canadians as well (thank you, Dean & Ashley!!!) and I was so lucky that I found out the night before the cut-off! Phew!

I was paired up with Dean, one of the hosts. We’d already followed each other on Twitter before we were exchange partners and I’d visited her blog a couple of times, but being paired up with her gave me the opportunity to explore her site even more. This “30 Something Mama to Three, Wifey to One” blogs about her life including large doses of creative projects and one of my favourite topics – positivity. She has a really great, fun and upbeat vibe and I’m really thankful I got the chance to get to know her better. Check out her Instagram and also her Etsy store!

We exchanged a few get to know you emails and then we filled our boxes. They went into the mail and we crossed our fingers that both packages would make it to their destinations safely and on time. Borders and customs have a tendency to interfere with things. And even though we found out we actually live quite close to one another, that didn’t mean that the postal system was going to make it easy on us.

With reveal day (today!) looming, we exchanged messages last night and I shared the sad news that there’d been no sign of my box yet. Lo and behold, what showed up just after I got home?!? You bet. It was my very first Sweet Progress Swap Box!

Take a look at what was inside!

This was the first look I got at everything inside the box, but first glance made me even more excited than the anticipation of receiving the mystery box had! A beautiful notebook, a gorgeously labeled card (I’m not going to lie to you – I’ve already put it in a frame in my office) and a water bottle filled to the brim with goodies! This is exactly the style of gift giving (and receiving) I love, remember?!?

Let’s take a closer look.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • I CAN. I WILL. I DID. water bottle
  • the springiest of spring looking lined (YES!) notebooks
  • adorable bracelet x2
  • instant coconut water, you guys!
  • flower seeds – I’d spilled to her that I was super into gardening
  • a mix of many (way more than pictured above) delicious chocolates that are locally (to her) made
  • the most convenient little Tiger Balm ever – it would fit in any pocket ever made!
  • Lindt – hold your hats – Hello, My Name is SWEET POPCORN bar *swoon*
  • hugs & kisses rubber stamp
  • glittery pink nailpolish
  • stickers – but not just any stickers – emoji stickers, yes, but even cooler are – check out the stickers that are a blank woman’s face with beautifully drawn braided hair – SHE DREW THAT IMAGE

So, needless to say, I am thrilled that I was finally let into the Sweet Progress Box Swap and that I am so happy I got the amazing partner that I did. Thank you for everything, Dean! Your box was full of delightful surprises and wonderful treasures!

To check out the box I sent to Dean and to find links to the other reveals, visit Dean’s post. If you want to join us next time, follow Dean and Ashley on Twitter or tell me and I’ll make sure I let you know in time for the summer swap! 🙂