July in review

End of July? What?

This month was an absolute whirlwind. I had to go back and check my list of things we’ll do because I could not recall a single one of them. And outside of the arena, I can’t really recall anything we actually did. Was it foolish of me to expect that I would? Perhaps. But I was optimistic. I had hopes that we’d be able to balance work, lacrosse work and living. Hahahahahahaha.


But you know me, I like to focus on the positives. So, what did I follow through on this month? Ahem.

  • Plan and prepare for trip to Toronto
  • Get a (damn) haircut (already)
  • Pick berries
  • Clean out our office (started)
  • Do more yoga and meditation

Probably the best thing that happened this month was when I found some bees in my garden.

With the end of the lacrosse season (😭) and some time off coming up, the bright side is that we’ll be able to focus on some fun goals this month almost entirely without distraction.

What were the highlights of your July?

June in review

There are a few things that start to happen around the beginning of July. One of the main ones is that I start to move towards a reset. It’s halfway through the year, yes, but it’s also a big time in my astrological chart. As a Capricorn born under a Cancer Full Moon, these are meaningful times.

So, in July I’ll be contemplating new ways of doing things and perhaps some new things altogether. But today’s post isn’t about July, it’s about June. And all the things I did and didn’t do.

On the bright side: I did slow down (somewhat), I did plan a Canada Day party and I did make a stronger commitment to meditating. I also booked a pedicure, but it isn’t until into July so we’ll call that partially complete?

There were a few things I didn’t do. But in my defence, I didn’t have a lot of time. Lacrosse required a lot more time than I’d mentally prepared for. (But in a good way.)

Here’s something I didn’t do during June: keep track of basically anything. Nothing. Does it bother me? No, not really as a thing of it’s own. BUT, I promised myself I’d get better at it. Or that I’d at least try. And I didn’t do that. If I’m honest, I just pretended it wasn’t a thing. I don’t have an inner craving for order so that’s an easy approach.

So, during our ferry ride today, I pulled up a cubicle, I took out my Passion Planner and I did my passion roadmap for the back half of the year a week early.

What does my roadmap look like? Well, I’m not going to spill the details, but it is a lot more people oriented than any plans I’ve ever worked through and it articulated some long-term goals I’ve never written down.

It was refreshing and, truthfully, it was empowering.

Did you do everything you wanted to do in June? What were the highlights of your month?

April in review

Another month is over and done. Where does the time go?

That’s my biggest struggle so far this year – making time feel meaningful. This is the third month that’s left me feeling like it’d been lost in the mix of doing all the necessary things: the errands, the chores, the cooking and maintaining life. What came in between all that and, more importantly, how could I have made it count.

Here were the bright spots in the month:

And finally, one of my more meaningful posts (to me) talked about what Gretchen Rubin calls spending out.

If I could do things differently, I’d have spent more time outdoors and I would have worked on better ways to make our days feel more memorable.

What stood out for you this month?

March in review

April tomorrow? Whoa.

March was another month that went by in a blur. I feel like I was just lamenting how quickly February had passed and already here we are, one whole month later. In light of my feelings about February going by like a bullet train, I’d started contemplating how to make the time count more. I can’t stop the clock, after all. However unfortunately.

Well, while I may have thought about it, I certainly didn’t act on it.

I had to look back at what my goals even were for this month and it pains me to admit that they were pretty darn soft…AND I STILL DIDN’T SATISFY THEM.

Except one: I quit Facebook. And I made the decision to scale back my use of my phone. So, I managed one and and half?


What did happen in March? Hmmm.

We had the time change. That was tough. I’m not normally sensitive to daylight savings changes and this year wasn’t overly painful, but it took my a long time to adjust psychologically. I was foggy all week, confused – and it was only an hour. All that said, I eventually adjusted and I am so happy now. I love the bright early mornings and how late it stays light out in the evenings.

I watched a lot of hockey. I went to six Canucks games. I am extremely grateful for these opportunities so I don’t want this to come across as a complaint, but between those and Warriors lacrosse games, it felt like I lived at Rogers Arena.

I saw a new naturopath for an intake appointment and I feel like we’re going to be a great team. This was a game changer for me. It makes me so happy.

We started our Lent commitment to an anti-inflammation diet and it’s been equally rewarding and challenging.

We watched the first season of A Million Little Things and that was pretty good.

I went to see Come From Away and it was outstanding. If you get the chance, go.

We saw Nate Bargatze, my favourite comic and I’m still warm and fuzzy about his show.

How was your March? What were the highlights? Challenges?

February in review

First off, big news. My girl Lesley got into the NYC Marathon yesterday which mean *I* got in to go to the NYC Marathon with her. Hooray! And congratulations, Lesley!

February seems like it’s been both the longest and the shortest month. It feels like a lot has happened and at the same time, it feels like nothing has.

Looking back on my monthly goals, even though they were pretty lax, I still didn’t accomplish much towards them. Everywhere I turned, it felt like plans were being changed or events were being cancelled. That said, I didn’t do a lot to work towards them. I feel like I’ve been in a pseudo-hibernation. (And I don’t hate it.)

As for my 19 for 2019 goals, my reading challenge thrived, but I suffered a major setback in my running and, if I’m honest, I’ve struggled to light that fire again. I’m a day or two behind in my Minimalism Challenge, but I’m planning on making it up.

There isn’t much else to report, but I’m looking ahead and looking forward to thawing out and preparing for spring.

What were your February highlights?

May in review

I mentioned in yesterday’s Jovial June post that May was a pretty great month for us. I/we started out with twelve goals and we were pretty successful when it comes to many of them.

Looking back on May 2017 and all the things we did (and didn't) do.

Our main focus was working on some habits that needed a little attention and a bit of a boost. Those included getting more active and focusing on some of our goals for later this year. We also took into account that we now live a literal elevator ride away from the Skytrain and combined that with our body moving goals. I was feeling in the midst of a little spiritual awakening so I had a few goals to explore that part of my existence.

Here’s our report card.

  • Minimal use of the car – We did it! Kevin ended up using the car once or maybe twice to get to and from lacrosse (as planned.) Otherwise, we took transit or walked everywhere. A great byproduct of this resolution was the opportunity to explore where and how we could take the train or the best route to take on foot.
  • 10k steps per day – Check! 402180 steps in total.
  • Run 25km – 31.1 done!
  • Finish five books – The intention of this goal was to get me in the habit of finishing off the books I’d already started instead of continually starting more than I ever finished. In fact, I just started as many as I normally would and finished…well, fewer. Three in total.
  • Create an altar – Okay, I started working on this and I did…but I’m not quite ready to share it…yet. Stay tuned.
  • Develop morning ritual – You ready the above? Yeah, that.
  • Study tarot – Yes! (And I’m really, really enjoying it!)
  • Focus on weekly food prep – Yes and no. I did start preparing a few staples early, but I didn’t devote a lot of time to it. We were able to pack lunches to work every day of the month, but the biggest change was that we ate at home almost all the time. (For us, that’s a dramatic, but great change.)
  • Ride our bikes! This one got by us. 🙁
  • Start up our Walking Vancouver explorations again for the summer – Sort of. We took a couple of spins through Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.
  • Start planning a summer road trip – Seattle. In three weeks. Yaaaaay!
  • Unpack our final few boxes – Hell to the YES!!

It was, all in all, one of our more successful months – most successful in a while, anyway.

In addition to all that, here are a few extras…

How did you spend your month? What made your May mystical and marvelous? 

April in review

Last August, I started to publish a list of things we’ll do this month in an attempt to mix a little fun and adventure into our boring old to do list. We spend so much time at work and sometimes it feels like we spend the rest of our time running errands and shopping for groceries, taking out the trash and folding the laundry. I thought that if I had some entertaining tasks on my list, it would make pleasure a higher priority and separate work from play.

April feels like a lifetime ago, but it’s fun to look in the rearview mirror and remember the fun we had. Here’s a report card on the things that were on my list of intentions at the start of last month.

  • Talk about version two of our wedding and *try to* come up with an answer for everyone’s second question: so, what are you going to do now? (Their first is: “is everything okay???” – I barely got a post about version one written so this was definitely a no go.
  • Carve my soapstone bear (Barb, you are on my agenda!) – I got so close! but now I feel like just giving up.
  • Plan my summer gardens (Three this year – our balcony garden, my remote garden and our garden plot at the apartment!) One is well underway. The other two are questionable at this point.
  • Plant seeds – Tons. As usual, way more than I will need for my balcony. Interested? Let me know!
  • Hang all of our artwork – Nada.
  • Fill all of our picture frames (Am I the only one who is terrible at printing photos in this digital age?!?) – I had such great intentions and even started on them, but never followed through. Hmph.
  • Host an Easter celebration Yesssssssssss!
  • Plan a trip to watch baseball – Not *yet*
  • Meal plan – Nope
  • Go hiking – I thought we did, but I can’t find any proof!

Here are some things we DID get done.

What made April special for you? 

Marvelous March in review

Well, March was pretty tied up with two things: wedding cancellation and moving. I know, I know. I feel like a broken record as much as I’m sure I sound like one. You’re thinking, “We get it, Carly, you moved.” But, in just 2.5 short years, I had totally forgotten how all consuming moving can be. Sure, at the start, it’s fun and it’s exciting, but it gets nitpicky and tedious after a while. A short while. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it. I’d just forgotten how much work goes into it.

Things we did this month:

  • sorted through all of our belongings – every last thing
  • packed all of said belongings into boxes
  • transported full boxes between old place and new place
  • found places for full boxes to remain situated

I’ve barely unpacked, but that’s a spoiler for April.

Kishimoto is worth the trip (and the line-up)

Things we were supposed to do…

  • Start tomato seeds – YES! And it isn’t too late for you to do the same. It’s optimal to get them planted by April 15th. Click that link for my tutorial on growing my favourite West Coast Seeds tomato variety.
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s Day – Nah. This ended up being the first night we stayed in the new place so after long days at work, moving the cats and setting up an air mattress in the living room, celebration was limited to take out from Browns (which they got all wrong anyway – grrrrr)
  • Visit the library – Nope.
  • Run 25km – Hahahahahaha.
  • Clear out my remote garden – I believe that this got done, but it wasn’t by me.
  • Order wedding invitations – What’s the opposite of this? I think we did it.
  • Secure wedding photographer – I did! And then I undid.
  • Read two books – Yup.
  • Plan first dinner party in the new place – Not yet…
  • Write! Write! Write! – Yes and no. Yes, I wrote, but not as much as I’d have liked.

It was a tough month for goals because we were working long days and then spending our evenings running back and forth between places. When mornings rolled around, we were too tired to get out and get moving before heading to the office and we were so short on time, we survived on take out mostly. Ugh. March was a bully of a month, but here were some highlights.

What made your March marvelous?

February in review

Catching up with February. How can two to three days difference leave a month feeling that much shorter?!? We had a few big plans that went by the wayside, but we also had a couple of little surprises creep in there, too. It was a good month, but it felt a little less energized than usual. Our impending move put us into a bit of a state of limbo – not out of here yet, not into the new place… It was a quiet month, but sometimes quiet is good, too.

  • Road trip to Vancouver, Washington – SNOWED IN
  • Super Bowl. FEATURING THE FALCONS. Rise up, errbody! – HEARTBREAKING
  • Make and send Valentines – I sort of did this! But I forgot to take pics for proof.
  • Nate Bargatze! In Vancouver! – AMAZING
  • Run 25km – We got back to it, but not as a routine. We need to tackle it this month. Seriously.
  • Order change of address cards AND wedding invitations – Change of address – yes. Wedding invitation – no.
  • Make plans for a weekend check out at our wedding venue, organize meetings with flower vendors, cake makers, hairdressers (?) –
  • Secure officiant and photographer – Officiant – hallelujah! Photographer – this.close.
  • Finish reading two books – I read way more than two books, BUT I didn’t finish two. I read half to three quarters of five books, but only finished one.

Extra things we DID do…

What were your greatest experiences or your proudest accomplishments this February? What made February 2017 memorable for you?

January in review


One month (plus a day) into 2017.

Yes, already.


January started in my most favourite way. With Amy (and our significant others, too.) The last thing I did in 2016 was dance with Tyson who, as it turns out, LOVES (!!!) Nelly. The first thing I did in 2017 was kiss Kevin. So much love for our little Trash Panda crew! <3

Miss y’all so, so much!

Then I got sick.

And they left town.

I’m not going to lie, I tried really hard not to dwell on that adage I once heard that, “the way you start the year is the way you’ll end it.” Instead, I shifted to thinking that I was simply getting the worst of the year out of the way and making the way for nothing but the good in life.

I missed a whole week of work – or maybe it was a week and a half. It’s a blur.

But, life went on.

Things we didn’t do in January: run (like, at all – not even for a bus…), make vision boards. We had to cancel our plans to fly back east to spend time with Kevin’s dad for his 70th birthday so that was a real bummer…but we’re moving and planning a wedding and probably a reception for our eastern loved ones later on this year and maybe another one for our western friends and family, too. Balance. Good with the bad.

My football team made it all the way to the Super Bowl! Yay!

My favourite hockey player got traded! Boo!

Things we did do:

  • Booked our wedding date, place and (mostly) time
  • Sent out Save the Date notices (much to the bewilderment of our nearest and dearest old-schoolers)
  • I bought my wedding dress with the help of my mom, aunt and distant matron of honour <3
  • Spent another great weekend with Julie – snowshoeing, wedding showing and hockey cheering
  • Attended three lovely organized dinners: one appreciation dinner for my job, Corrine‘s birthday & Keith‘s birthday
  • Found an amazing new place to live!

That’s our new building on the right!

I read: Born for This & Things I Talk About When I Talk About Running

I watched: Mistresses – all of it, Unreal – season two, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – season three & just started Veep

So? What about you? What happened in January? How’s 2017 treating you so far?