Super Bowl?

In the end. I decided to watch the game today. Well, sort of. We went over to my parents’ to join them in their festivities, but I brought two books with me. (Now reading: My Year of Rest and Relaxation.) I sat in the room where the game was being televised, but I didn’t have a direct line at the tv and was facing the other direction. Basically, the only thing I wholeheartedly participated in was the food.

My view:

I *did* watch the halftime show. I am very much NOT into Maroon 5 and I didn’t think I was into Travis Scott, but I didn’t hate his performance and I didn’t know Big Boi was performing and I loved his portion of the show. I enjoyed some of the tweets about it, but all the complaining. Gawd. Basically, let’s all just accept that everyone is an ornery complainer and the show isn’t going to be tailored to them personally. Let’s respect the artists and appreciate their talents in what they do. Let’s give them a few minutes in an extraordinary show on an extraordinary stage and STFU when we don’t like it. Y’all’s complaining for the sake of complaining is boring. Not to mention predictable.

The game, though? Well, it sounded boring and the scoring reflected that. Low scoring games are sometimes a reflection of a really well matched pair of teams with defensive talent outshining offensive. I didn’t get the vibe that that’s what was happening. Shame.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday tonight with a cake from Trafiq. Honestly, if you’re in Vancouver and you need a cake, they’re the best. The. Best.

Now, it’s snowing like crazy at our house, but it’s back to work in the morning so we won’t even get to enjoy it.

How did you like the game today? What else did you do this weekend?


They can schedule as many Thursday night games as they want, but kickoff for a new NFL season will ALWAYS be on Sunday. Even though my team played three days ago, I couldn’t accept that the real start to the year was any sooner than 10PST today.

It was nice to get up and have coffee and breakfast while watching some football again. I’ve missed this. And even though all the matchups were pretty meaningless to me today, that’s kind of nice, too. Having an emotional investment is fun…but it can also be annoying/frustrating/devastating.

Speaking of affiliation, Kevin is stressing over picking a team. When we first met, he was a Dolphins fan, but later gave them up. He attached himself to the Seahawks for a couple of year, but that didn’t fit quite right either. Earlier this year, he declared himself a Bills fan, but was rethinking it almost as soon as he said it. The past few weeks have been an ongoing debate over who to cheer for and that can be a complicated discussion. You want it to be a good team and not one that someone who’s too close to you cheers for. That eliminates the Falcons, Panthers, Bengals, Seahawks and Patriots. Then it can’t be a team that someone you’re really not into likes. And you have to get a good vibe from the team, obviously. I’d like him to be a Lions fan or a Cardinals fan, but neither seems to be vibing for him. Hmph. I also suggested he just continue to be a free agent like I am in hockey, but he says he wants to start getting some “NFL stuff.” I don’t know how to help at this point.

Did you see the drama between the Steelers and Browns today?!? OT? A blocked field goal to end the game in a tie?!?! Yeesh. It’s funny because all off season I’ve been saying that the Browns really should be my team. The eternal hope and never ending faith that things will get better? That’s really my jam. These are my kind of people.

But, of course, I’m among the Falcons faithful.

Who are you cheering for this NFL season? Dare to make any predictions for the upcoming season?

The underdog

Monday morning after Super Bowl, I opted for the
Oh She Glows Pink Power Detox Smoothie

We woke up today and the Philadelphia Eagles are the Super Bowl champions. It’s strange. I never saw that coming, but hey, it really doesn’t make a difference in my life. I once dated a guy who cheered for the Eagles (and looked remarkably like Donovan McNabb I realized yesterday) so I guess he’s happy. To me it doesn’t really matter.

I’ve noticed lately that I get extremely emotional whenever I see someone doing really well at something; when I see someone meet a goal or finish a race or celebrate any kind of accomplishment. I just feel so much joy inside that it comes out in the form of really happy tears. And when there is someone else around to celebrate the victory with that person? I don’t even stand a chance. The more intimate the relationship, the better.

Did you see Nick Foles on the sidelines just as the game was ending last night? I would have been satisfied with a camera solely devoted to his reaction. He was in utter disbelief. His eyes were wide, his hands were on his head as it was, seemingly involuntarily, nodding up and down and he was someplace else. It was beautiful.

Do you know much about world champion quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles? Do you know what Nick Foles has been through in the last year? This tweet sums it up.

Less than one year ago, his team opted out of the second year option on his contract. He lost his job. Days later, he signed with Eagles for the second time in his six-year career, accepting a role as backup to the up-and-coming Carson Wentz. When Wentz suffered an ACL injury that put him out for the season, many (SO MANY) speculated that was the end of the Eagles for this year. Foles was written off as not good enough to take over the starting role and carry on the winning season. He did. In the final two games of the season, the team went 1-1 and they swept the playoffs to get to where they are today. Champs.

Nick Foles relied on his strength and his resilience and he woke up today as a Super Bowl MVP.

He is, of course, one of many people who helped the team to this huge accomplishment, but he may be the only one – at the most one of very few – whose name was named in all the arguments against them.

His story provides some real food for thought. I’ll definitely look back on it in the future and I’m sure it’ll continue to warm my heart. When you face adversity, do you rally your strength and push through it? Do you have faith that if you keep working hard towards your goals you’ll get there? Do you believe in yourself enough to keep going when everything isn’t going your way?

And as for the rest of the Super Bowl/Super Sunday festivities?

Birthday party: Excellent.

Halftime show: Okay, but what on earth was he wearing?

This Is Us: Super sad start and middle, nice end.

What were your thoughts? Did you enjoy the game?

Super Sunday

I’ve been looking forward to today. One might say it’s what got me through the week. Not only is it the Super Bowl, but it’s also my Mom’s birthday and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate both at our house. I’ve always wanted to have a Super Bowl party so that’s part of what I’m really excited about. The other part is the having loved ones in our house.

One of the things that I wanted for 2018 was to invite people in more often – more people, more frequently. One of my 18 for 2018 was the simple two word goal to FEED PEOPLE. So far, we’ve had friends over for dinner nearly every week and have certainly reaped the rewards by filling our home with friendship, conversation and laughter. It has been so satisfying and definitely a happiness booster.

Today will be more of the same, but here’s a quick rundown of the highlights.

The game. Honestly, snooze. The Patriots are old news and the Eagles are lame. I would never have thought there’d be anything that could make me cheer for New England, but it turns out that watching the Eagles players mock the Vikings after the NFC Championship is it. (Though, what goes around comes around, maybe?) Now I hope they get beat. Bad.

The halftime show. I’m a fan of JT and he will no doubt put on a SHOW, but I don’t usually watch a lot of the performance. Mostly because that’s prime time for…

The snacks. Lots of ’em. We’ve got a full menu going with just about everything you can imagine for a football party. (Minus the chicken wings. Ours isn’t really a chicken wings crowd,) Call me lame, but the thing I’m looking most forward to might just be the giant veggie platter plus hummus. (I KNOW.)

So, that about covers it…most years. This year, though, there’s way more on the line. It involves a Crock-Pot. (But keep in mind, #CrockPotIsInnocent)

This Is Us. As if watching this beautifully executed heartfelt/heartbreaking drama wasn’t enough, tonight, right after The Super Bowl, we’re going to witness the death of America’s favourite Dad crush, Jack Pearson. On his personal high holiday. It is going to be soul crushing.

AND in case that wasn’t enough,

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. More This Is Us with the cast making an appearance. I saw a tweet from the show’s creator-executive producer after they showed the last episode to some of them and they looked DEVASTATED. Tonight should be even more emotional. Also, Justin Timberlake and The Rock.

Whatever you’re up to today, have fun and be safe. ❤️<<<< gt;<<< ><< p>< /p>

The morning after & when decluttering sucks

There is a reason I never chirp other people and their teams. That conscious decision was justified last night when nothing but a couple of messages of condolences came my way over the airwaves. With the exception of one total asshole, it made me feel a lot better about the people I choose to have in my life.

Our Super Bowl correspondent sent texts, videos, photos & commentary from this exact spot

There are sixty minutes to play in a football game. The Falcons were powerhouses for only thirty of them. The Patriots took over the other thirty. At the end of the day, Tom Brady gets the win and nobody cares how much effort he put(s) into making America great again. But it is, after all, a sport and he needs but to be a good quarterback – no need to be a good person. As a Falcons fan it was interesting to note the praise that Aikman and Buck were able to turn on once the comeback had been started and one man led a team to victory from a 28-3 deficit. Disappointing that the man who led a team to a 28-3 lead and was voted Offensive Player of the Year and league MVP got none. I don’t want to sound like a sore loser, but they certainly did seem to be much more comfortable once the opportunity to jerk off to Tom Brady arose. Just sayin.

I never thought that game would be easy. And I am never satisfied halfway through a game. Tom Brady IS a great QB. The New England Patriots ARE a great team. Bill Belichick IS a great coach. That Julian Edelman catch WAS out of this world.

In the end they deserved it.

As I mentioned yesterday, people in America overwhelmingly wanted the Falcons to win. Friends tweeted and texted me that they were at parties or bars where everyone – in some cases literally every single person – was cheering for Atlanta. Sadly, that doesn’t put any points on the board. It does, however, make many of the things said in this piece very, very true: NOBODY is happy for the Patriots.

It was tragic and it was sad. I actually cried – real tears – not immediately after the game, but maybe an hour or so later.

We were in the perfect company. With another couple surrounded by amazing food. Once things started to spiral, the silliness ended, the joking was pushed aside, the room got quiet.

And the food! Chips and dip, mini pizzas, veggie chili, crudités, nine layer dip, fruit platter, barbecues hot dogs. This was literally my favourite meal ever. They even sent us home with leftovers. And icy squares. Which I ate for breakfast today. Whatever.

My carrot cake was fine, but I hardly tasted it. It just sat on the plate in my hand as I took a forkful every couple of minutes. We ate it post-game and now it just feels like a bad luck charm so I’ll probably never make it again, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. (Everyone else said it was great. Outstanding was Kevin’s word for it.)

I took the recipe from Canadian Living and it can be found here. It’s super easy.


Now. I’m going to talk about something else now. Decluttering. I’ve been sharing my daily Minimalism Game posts on Instagram and adding to an album that I created on Facebook. Lots of stuff is on its way out the door and it’s been a good practice overall.

I mentioned yesterday that there aren’t a ton of gains to be had from my closet because I practice going through it frequently and even assessing each piece of clothing as I handle it for washing (okay, sometimes) and getting rid of it on the spot if I haven’t worn it, don’t feel comfortable in it, or if it doesn’t “spark joy” or whatever. My closet it where I am most efficient at keeping and getting rid of things appropriately.

Or so it seemed.

Ironically, I realized this week, my closet is the only place from which I also feel regret for having lost things. In today’s context, I’m referring to fan gear.

Over the years, I’ve bought and received tons of Falcons shirts, jerseys, dresses (yup, dresses!), hoodies, tank tops, toques, hats, scarves, you get my drift.

Leading into the Super Bowl, I had none of it. It seems that over time almost all of it had been decluttered and sent to the streets. Likely because I hadn’t worn it in a certain amount of time or because it was somehow rendered useless to me. This weekend I felt deep regret at having lost all of that and it made me sad to reflect on the catalogue of things I’d owned and memories of the people who’d given them to me or the places I’d picked them up. I would have worn all of it yesterday, damn it. ALL OF IT.

While I’m learning that there is pleasure in getting rid of things, I’m also learning that in some cases that shouldn’t be done in haste. I don’t know what the balance is, but I’m on the case.


So, yeah, we were supposed to still be in Washington today. Kevin was supposed to be going to WWE RAW tonight. Instead, we are sleeping late, cleaning the apartment and starting to pack up in preparation for the move.


A Super Bowl like no other

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I couldn’t sleep.

For the first time in my tenure, my team is in the Super Bowl. It’s one of only a few times that one of *my* teams was in the championship. In fact, it’s the third after the Dallas Stars in 1999 (that was the right crease call) and the San Jose Sharks last June. I’m .500 on championships so no matter which way things go today, the tie will be broken.


It’s been a long road and this team and I have been through a lot. A few weeks ago, I read through the Atlanta Falcons’ Wikipedia page and it was a very interesting experience I would recommend to any sports fan. There are plenty of parts of it that I remember, but while I remembered, I’d also, in a way, forgotten.

Several lifetimes ago

When you refer to the Falcons, people often think of Michael Vick (though never in a good way) and he is at the centre of a lot of the things I remember. I loved his explosive play, I loved the seconds after the ball was snapped when you could see him looking, see him looking and actually see the decision point before he took off. He was the first NFL quarterback to rush for 1000 yards. Game in and game out, he was always exciting to watch and for a relatively new fan like me, he was a game changer when it came to selling the sport.

(I just read his letter on The Player’s Tribune from a few days ago. It talks about the experience of being “on the come-up in Atlanta” and his everlasting love for the city.)

My earliest memory of being a Falcons fan dates back to 2002-ish.

Apparently, Falcons fans have a bad rap. I wouldn’t know since I’ve only ever met two of them. That happened outside the game vs the New Orleans Saints in San Antonio, Texas while the Superdome was being repaired after Hurricane Katrina. I talked to a couple of older season ticket holders who’d made the trip from Atlanta by car. The woman gave me a Falcons rally towel.

I should have been in Vancouver, Washington today. When that fell through, I even had a REAL invitation to go to Houston, Texas (where Super Bowl LI is being played!) for the weekend. Instead, I’ll be tuning in from Burnaby, BC.

But it’ll still be fun. I’m having dinner (veggie chili and barbecued veggie dogs!!) made for me (thanks, Seahawks!) and I have to bring carrot cake (I took a pity bet after my counterpart got pouty) and it’s going to be great time.

Still, I should be in Vancouver. Or at the very least, Houston.

I have a friend on location at the Super Bowl today. She promises she will be reporting back with photos and commentary from the game. That’s kind of fun because it makes me feel that much closer to the action. (She went to the fan expo yesterday and we had a great time. Haha.)

I read that most Americans want to Falcons to win or, better said, they want the Patriots to lose. I’ve seen it politicized (THEY LOVE TRUMP!) and I know there’s a strong bias against the Pats because, well, people hate it when other people are successful. But they are a force. And, win or lose, this isn’t going to be easy.

Me, I want my team to hoist that trophy, but I can honestly say that if they don’t, they will have still made me proud. They made it this far. They shut up a lot of big mouths. A win would be like the icing on an already pretty great cake…which reminds me, I have some work to do. (Thanks a lot, Cowboys.)

#RiseUp, friends! And no matter how you’re cheering today, I think we can all agree that it should be a really good game. Enjoy!

Red eye

Written at: 2:09am in Vancouver/5:09am in Toronto
Posted after a much needed six-hour *nap*

It occurred to me this week that I’d be embarking on a ritual I very rarely take part in: summer vacation. When I looked back and gave it some thought, I realized that apart from a single week long trip to Hawaii with the family of a girl I used to babysit (whose mother in now one of my very best friends) and a week in Owen Sound, Ontario, the only trips I’ve taken during summertimes past have been quick, in-and-outs weekends. Calgary, Seattle, Victoria, Austin and, of course, many to Portland have been my excursions so far.

Tonight, just before midnight, we boarded a flight destined for Toronto. We’ll arrive at just past seven in the morning in the centre of the universe. If everything goes as planned, we’ll grab our luggage, pick up our rental car and head south (I think) to Kevin’s hometown of Six Nations. We’ll enjoy a full six days darting from event to event while basking in the company of wonderful family and friends.

I’ve never taken a red eye flight before. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was a little worried about exactly what is happening now happening. What’s happening? Well, I’m staring at the screen of my laptop instead of the inside of my eyelids. I took it as a good sign that Kevin and I were both yawning on the way to the airport, but after a celebrity run in with Chad Johnson, I perked up. After one episode of the Mindy Project (which perfectly coincided with where we left off watching, re-watching in my case, all the episodes on Netflix – sadly, post-Casey, waaah!) and the opening credits of American Hustle, I did manage to sleep, but it probably only lasted for about thirty minutes.

10511328_739840156080724_8841688277360107445_n Since then:

  • Woke up.
  • Listened to my latest musical obsession.
  • Thought about watching The Good Wife episode when Will dies. Couldn’t bring myself to follow through.
  • Stared at the scrolling maps. We’re currently just north of Fargo, approaching Bemidji, 1:47 jusqu’à Toronto.
  • Moved on to Jimmy Eat World’s tenth anniversary recording of Clarity performed live.

Finally, after much thought and reluctance, I pulled my laptop out of my backpack. This will be it for sleep tonight.

With lacrosse season in full swing and our household still adapting to Kevin’s full-time role as General Manager of a team, this trip kind of crept up on me. When I started to think about actually leaving town, I realized I was really looking forward to the trip. We left tonight and return next Saturday afternoon so that we don’t miss any Adanacs games. He’s We’re dedicated! (I don’t feel so bad about working our holidays around the team’s schedule after talking to one of the coaches’ wives at tonight’s games. She told me that they were picking up their kids after the game and also going on vacation, but only until Monday because, unlike Kevin, coaches have to be at 7pm practice that night. Yeesh.)

Now, Kevin’s snoring beside me, stirring every so often when they show he’s watching ends. The plane is dark and I’m pecking away at this keyboard. All is well because we are on out first summer vacation together. Ontario, here we come!